There are a range of communication skills or personal qualities that make someone a good employee or team member. Brush up on or acquire new skills with these highly useful courses for you or your employees.


Business Writing Skills
Good business writing is essential for all employees, regardless of their position in the organisation. Good business writing saves time and reflects positively on both the writer and organisation's reputation.

Conflict Resolution for Employees
Conflict occurs naturally in the workplace. However, if it is not handled well, it can escalate into hostile situations that can have a negative effect on organisations. Employees therefore need to know how to resolve conflict with other staff members themselves before it escalates to the point where manager intervention is required.

Coping with Change in the Workplace
During both an employee’s professional and personal lives, they will be faced with changing circumstances. Some of these will be due to their own choices and some will be outside of their control. Change brings uncertainty and, in some cases, it can bring fear of the unknown.

Designing and Delivering Presentations
Presentations can be a powerful method of transferring and releasing information. However, for a presentation to be successful, it needs to be thoroughly prepared and confidently delivered.

Developing Resilience
Everyone’s life involves ups and downs, and these downs can have varying impacts on our lives. Developing resilience can help to reduce the impact of challenging events and the time it takes to recover from them.

How to Communicate Effectively
Effective communication helps us to better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and create environments where problem solving can prosper. As simple as communication seems, much of what we try to communicate to others can become misunderstood, leading to conflict and frustration. Effective communication takes practice and a comprehensive understanding of the communication process.

Improving Your Listening Skills
How well a person listens in the workplace has a major impact on their job effectiveness and the quality of their relationships with others.

Influencing and Negotiating With Others
The ability to positively influence and successfully negotiate with others can benefit employees both personally and professionally. This course has therefore been developed to help learners understand the difference between influencing and negotiating. It will also look at how they can successfully influence and negotiate with others .

Learning from Failure (Video)
Developing the ability to learn from failure is critical for your personal and professional growth and can also be an invaluable tool in helping to create new opportunities and turn potentially negative experiences into positive outcomes.

Problem Solving
Being a confident problem solver is an important skill for anyone to have as we all encounter problems on a daily basis, some being more complex than others. In the workplace, it is important to implement a good problem solving process to help ensure the implemented solution targets the root cause of the problem and is deemed successful.

Running Effective Face-to-Face Training
In many organisations, it is common to ask workers who are respected for their skills and experience in a particular area to run a training session for their peers. However, for someone with no background in training, this can be challenging and also a little scary.

Time and Priority Management
Managing time effectively is fundamental to success in the workplace. However, the workplace is full of distractions, interruptions and conflicting priorities which can take up precious time and energy.

Understanding Body Language
Body language refers to the conscious and unconscious movements and postures that we use to communicate our attitudes and feelings. By understanding body language, we are better able to read other people’s true intentions and understand what they really think about a matter.

Understanding Body Language (Video)
The ability to understand body language is a powerful tool for building communication skills and facilitating successful relationships with clients and colleagues. This module is designed to provide learners with practical measures and suggestions to identify the underlying meaning in people’s actions and physical presentation, and to help them develop positive body language and speech practices.

Understanding Different Behavioural Styles
When interacting with other people, we usually engage in a particular style of behaviour. These styles each have their own strengths and weaknesses and can cause conflict between individuals.

Writing Effective Emails
Emails are easy to send and can make our personal and professional lives more convenient. However, as some professionals receive a large number of emails in any given day, some emails may be overlooked or not responded to in the way the sender had hoped.