Good customer service is the foundation of any business. Empower your team with the tools to engage and service customers effectively.


Customer Service
Customer service connects your customers to your organisation and can enhance your reputation, create loyal customers and increase sales.

Customer Service (Video)
Good customer service is vital for developing loyal customers and ensuring your organisation's growth and profitability. This module aims to help learners deliver the best service possible to every customer they encounter.

Developing Client Relationships
Having a strong relationship with your clients means that they are more likely to keep doing business with your organisation and recommend your products and services to others

Handling Angry and Upset Customers
Staff members who serve customers will probably encounter angry and upset individuals at some point in time. How they respond can make the difference between a customer who feels satisfied and one who will never want to do business with the organisation again.

Managing Complaints
Customers may make complaints to an organisation for a variety of reasons. Upon receiving any such complaint, staff are expected to address it in a manner which leaves the customer with a good impression of the organisation.

Professional Telephone Etiquette
The telephone is one of the main ways workers communicate with their colleagues, customers and business contacts.