Maintaining accurate, current and uncorrupted information is vital the successful operation of any organisation. Given the value of this information it is important that organisations understand the range of threats they face and ensure employees are trained in the suitable use of information technology to ensure that both the employee, and the organisation's interests are protected.


Acceptable Internet Use
An Acceptable Use Policy is an integral part of the information security framework of any organisation, especially when it comes to providing employees with access to the internet in the workplace. Having such a policy helps to protect both the business and the employee from serious security incidents and breaches.

Cyber Security Awareness
Every organisation stores and uses data on a daily basis. Data forms part of a business's core function and includes personal information received from third parties, customers and employees. Data can be stored on-site, off-site at an independent service provider’s premises or in the cloud. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data in your care, especially sensitive information, is secure.

Electronic Communication and Social Media
Electronic communication and social media tools provide organisations with the opportunity to engage with clients and other stakeholders online. However the use of these tools are also associated with a number of different risks, ranging from personal online safety to information security.

Information Security Management
Accurate, up-to-date and uncorrupted information is critical to the survival and successful operation of all businesses and organisations. Such information, therefore, is a valuable commodity and attracts a variety of threats. Much of this information could be of use to organisational rivals or those intent on destroying the organisation through acts of economic sabotage. Unauthorised access by outsiders to the stored data can be prevented quite easily; however, studies show that most information leaks, either deliberate or accidental, can be traced to sources inside the organisation.

Password Management
All organisations benefit from ensuring that the information systems they use are as secure as possible.