Successful organisations understand that they need to implement talent management processes to attract, develop, motivate, retain and promote productive employees and meet their strategic business goals and objectives.


Coaching is a professional learning and developmental tool that can help staff members acquire the skills, knowledge and capability to enhance their job performance. It can also benefit an organisation by creating a more motivated workforce with improved skills.

Conducting Performance Appraisals (Video)
Successful performance appraisals can provide valuable benefits and insights for both parties through discussion and feedback, which helps create and maintain a constructive and productive work environment.

Interviewing Skills and Techniques
Interviewing is an important component of the overall recruitment and selection process. However, for interviews to be successful, interviewers need to be prepared and know how to conduct and interview professionally.

Managing Probation
As all new employees undergo a probation period when they first start in an organisation, it is vital that managers understands their key responsibilities during this time.

Mentoring Others
Mentoring is an essential leadership skill and can be a rewarding experience for the mentor and mentee, both personally and professionally. It can also benefit our organisation by increasing staff retention and facilitating staff members' development and career progression.

A successful onboarding program helps new starters to settle into their role, team and the workplace culture quickly. It can also help to reduce incidences of early resignation, facilitate relationship building and ensure that all new starters are aware of the relevant policies, procedures, systems and processes.

Performance Management for Employees
Performance management is a vital part of an employee’s career and employment.

Performance Management for Managers
Managing the performance of staff is a critical factor for achieving an organisation's desired goals and organisational success.

Recruitment and Selection
Recruiting and selecting appropriate employees is vital to achieving organisational objectives.

Strategic Talent Management
When it comes to managing employees, it's easy to think that the hardest part is recruiting the right individual; however, the biggest issue in today’s workplace is actually retaining and developing employees.

Writing Position Descriptions and Job Advertisements
Creating accurate position descriptions and appealing job advertisements ensures that every role is clearly defined and that the right people are recruited for each position in an organisation.