Automated Facial Recognition - Guiding principles for Artificial Intelligence and the ethical use of AFR

The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) is the peak body for security professionals in Australia. Our members include leading companies offering products and services that incorporate Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) technology for authentication, security, and public safety applications.

Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) is a technology capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces. It has been designed to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, as well as providing a tool to assist and speed up operational processes, typically being used to authenticate users through ID verification services and works by pinpointing and measuring facial features from a given image.

AFR is one of many data analysis technologies which sit under the overarching umbrella of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a branch of Computer Science.

The ethics of AI and its application need to be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is not allowed to act autonomously without human oversight and it should not be used in any way which causes harm to individuals.

To provide guidance for the ethical use of AFR technologies, ASIAL has prepared a guidance document.

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