VIC – Private Security Act Amendment Bill Passed

Proposed amendments to the Victorian Private Security Act Amendment Bill passed the Victorian Parliament on 21 March 2024. The Act will now go to the Governor for Royal Assent.

Proposed changes include:

  • Removal of business “Registrations” to be replaced by all categories being required to hold a licence.
  • Removal of the ability for an individual to operate as a security business on a personal ABN without a security firm licence.
  • Client approval for a security firm to sub-contract the security activity will be required. Advice and details of the sub-contractor will be required.
  • Clients will be responsible for a risk management plan prior to the commencement of a security activity.
  • Refresher training prior to the renewal of a security licence will be required.
  •  Nominated person to be officer or employee with primary responsibilities for managing the business.

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