Australian Security Confidence Index (ASCI)

Prepared by NielsenIQ

ASCI 2023

The ASCI survey 2023 found that people feel more confident and secure than they did in the past two years and even fears of cyber crime are falling, despite increased news reports of cyber assaults on corporate Australia.

The 2023 Australian Security Confidence Index (ASCI), commissioned by the ASIAL, shows that the average person is less concerned about COVID 19 and cyber crime than in previous years, even though scams and cyber attacks, digital data breaches and so on are common.

ASCI 2023 Survey Results


ASCI 2022

Now more than ever before, Australians are increasingly concerned about cyber security, sexual assault and terrorism. Fear of COVID 19, sexual assault, physical assault, robbery, terrorism and a spike in cyber attacks are the key security concerns among Australians in 2022, according to the Australian Security Confidence Index (ASCI).

The findings are especially significant in this election year and political parties, keen to win government, will have to address Australians’ feelings about their own safety and that of their families, their businesses and the nation. The annual study, commissioned by the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) surveyed 1,600 Australians nationwide from all walks of life about their security concerns in a range of contexts, from their own homes and workplaces, to their online activities and when at large in public.

ASCI 2022 Survey Results


Watch the 2022 ASCI (Australian Security Confidence Index) video here:

ASCI 2021

The 2021 ASCI reported that more than a third of Australians (36%) feel unsafe during daylight hours, rising to 53% after dark with cybercrime top of the list of national safety concerns. That is the startling finding in the inaugural Australian Security Confidence Index (ASCI) study commissioned by ASIAL, to gauge how safe and secure Australians feel in various situations.

The research sends a powerful message to governments and the security industry about where more action is needed to improve feelings of safety and security, including fears of women in particular about public transport, cinemas, and civic centres.

ASCI 2021 Survey Results