Legislation and Regulations

Legislation is all the laws (Acts) enacted specifically to control and administer the private security industry. Regulations are the way that the legislation is applied.


Security Industry Act 2003
Security Industry Regulation 2003


Security Industry Act 1997
Security Industry Regulation 2016
Security Industry Amendment (Private Investigators) Act 2016


Private Security Act
Private Security (Crowd Controllers) Regulations
Private Security (Miscellaneous Matters) Regulations
Private Security (Security Firms) Regulations
Private Security (Security Officers) Regulations


Security Providers Act 1993
Security Providers (Crowd Control Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
Security Providers Regulation 2008
Security Providers (Security Firm Code of Practice) Regulation 2008
Security Providers (Security Officer – Licensed Premises - Code of Practice) Regulation 2008


Security and Investigations Industry Act 1995
Security and Investigations Industry Regulations 2011


Security and Investigations Agents Act 2002
Security and Investigations Agents Regulations 2015


Private Security Act 2004
Private Security Regulations 2016


Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996
Security and Related Activities (Control) Regulations 1997

Smoke Alarm Legislation

ASIAL, in conjunction with the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Council (AFAC), has prepared a helpful document that summarises smoke alarm legislation across Australia.
View the guidelines here


QLD Statutory Compliance Audit

Amendments to the Security Providers Act 1993, which came into effect in February 2011, provided for peak security industry bodies to take on a compliance role to assist the Office of Fair Trading in its regulation of the private security industry in Queensland. To facilitate this initiative, the Act now requires all security firms to be a member of an Approved Security Industry Association (ASIA).

As an approved security industry association in Queensland, ASIAL is required to assess a Member's compliance with its Code of Conduct at least once every 3 years.

In accordance with ASIAL's compliance audit procedures, QLD licence holders are required to submit online the completed audit form and required supporting documentation. The Association has engaged the services of a chartered accounting firm (Assura Group Pty Ltd) to conduct compliance audits of its members. The cost of conducting the audit is payable online at the time of submission.

Download the compliance audit guide