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Cabling registration with ASIAL is simple and flexible. You can apply online or download a registration form.

How to register

The following should accompany your application:

  • Training documents - the transcript provided by your training organisation must show that you have attained an 80% mark in the mandated 50 question exam for the Open registration or 30 question exam for the Restricted Registration.
    NOTE: you may be able to access your transcripts or training documents using your student USI here
  • You must also show you have a completed the OHS/WHS requirement in your training. If you have not completed this you will need to hold a White Card (or Equivalent) and a current First Aid Certificate.
  • You must also meet the proof of experience requirements. The required number of hours relevant cabling experience is 360 hours (OPEN), 80 hours (RESTRICTED) to be completed within a two year period. We have some templates below that you can use or you can use one of the other methods listed further down this page.
  • Proof of experience template: Open Registration
  • Proof of experience template: Restricted Registration

Further information can be found in the ACMA Pathways to Cabling Registration document (ACMA website)

Register Now

Why register with ASIAL?

ASIAL is an accredited registrar by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to offer cabling registration services under the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Online registration with ASIAL costs $92.00 for three years and as part of your registration you’ll receive:

  • A certificate and a registration card
  • Online access to the industry journal, Security Insider magazine
  • Cabling bi-monthly email newsletter
  • Website access and easy online registration/renewal
  • Endorsement recognition
  • National website listing as a registered cabler
  • Access to experienced staff via phone and email

Types of cabling registration

Under the registration system, there are three types of registrations – Open, Restricted and Lift.

If you wish to work in both commercial and domestic premises you will require an Open registration. If you only want to work in domestic premises, you will require a Restricted registration.

Below is a summary of the type of work you can do under each registration. For full details, refer to the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014.

  • Open - This registration allows a cabler to undertake all types of cabling work from simple cabling in homes to complex structured cabling in multi-storey buildings.
  • Restricted - This registration restricts you to doing work where the network boundary is a simple socket or a network termination device – typically found in domestic homes and small businesses, not in large commercial buildings. Cablers may also undertake work in multi-storey and campus-style premises where cabling is performed behind a compliant device (e.g. alarm panel or modem).
  • Lift – This registration type is for installing and maintaining communications cables in lifts and lift wells.
    Proof of experience requirements

The Pathways to ACMA Cabling Provider Rules document outlines the Requirements for registration' - in particular the required number of hours of on-the-job experience. Proof of this experience needs to be provided for registration to be accepted.

The required number of hours relevant cabling experience is 360 hours (OPEN), 80 hours (RESTRICTED) to be completed within a two year period.

Relevant cabling experience means experience in installing telecommunications, electrical, security system, fire system, or lift cables. Note that design or supervision of cabling work, or cabling using pre-terminated cabling such as extension leads or patching, is not accepted as relevant cabling experience.

Written proof of experience can include one or more of the following:

  • Suitably recognised industry cabling practices (for example, licensed electrician, qualified Foxtel installer, qualified audio/ video installers)
  • A statutory declaration signed by the candidate in the presence of an authorised witness setting out the details of the candidates experience
  • A detailed log book of cabling experience showing dates and types of work
  • A signed statement by an employer or a registered cabler by whom the candidate has been directly supervised detailing the candidate's experience. 

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